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This film is part of the 2nd Latin American/Latinx Film Festival.  The film is in English with Spanish Subtitles. With Gael García Bernal. Deep in the sun-blistered Sonora desert beneath a cicada tree, Arizona border police discover a decomposing male…
UCF students are invited to a weekly Italian language chat to improve Italian communication skills and meet new friends. This activity is open to both language-learners and native speakers. It is offered every Tuesday in Trevor Colbourn Hall, room 358B.
This film is part of the 2nd Latin American/Latinx Film Festival.  The film Operation E is in Spanish with English subtitles. With Luis Tosar, Martina García. A controversial film in Colombia due to the real event on which it is…

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Sandra Sousa

The Africas in the World and the World in the Africas: African Literatures and Comparativism. Ed. & Introd. Sandra Sousa & Nazir Ahmed Can. Holden, MA: Quod Manet, 2022.

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Sandra Sousa

Portugal Segundo os Estados Unidos da América. Dir. José Eduardo Franco e Fátima Vieira. Cord. Sofia Araújo. Lisboa: Theya Editores, 2021.

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Martha García

Cosmic Wit. Essays in Honor of Edward H. Friedman. Co-edited by Vicente Pérez de León, Martha García, and G. Cory Duclos. Newark: Cervantes & Co., Juan de la Cuesta, 2021. [March] ISBN 978-1-58871-346-9 [U.S.A./Europe]

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