Over 400 million people in the world speak Spanish. It is the second most spoken language in the U.S. and the official language for more than twenty countries.

The Spanish language program at UCF offers classes from elementary to masters level. A large number of our Spanish courses focus on student-centered learning. Faculty members strive to bolster students’ language proficiency, skills in translation and interpretation, linguistic competence, understanding of Spanish linguistics, ability to interpret literary texts, and knowledge of culture and civilization. Students of all levels are welcome.

Why study Spanish?

    • Being able to communicate with 350 million people creates tremendous opportunities.
    • Approximately 35 million Spanish speakers live in the U.S., rapidly approaching 40% of the population.
    • Spanish is an official language on four continents and the mother tongue in 21 countries.
    • Spanish cuisine is internationally known for its paella, burritos, pupusas, ceviche, arroz con frijoles and tapas, not to mention its wineries from Rioja to Malbec.
    • Travel in Spanish-speaking countries offers access to picturesque and contrasting sceneries, like Iguazú, Machu Picchu and Sagrada Familia.
    • You will have access to first-hand experience reading Cervantes, García Márquez, Borges, Vargas Llosa, Bolaño and Allende, among many others.
    • Gain a deeper appreciation of Hispanic culture and the artistic and musical contributions of its great artists.

No matter what your major is, learning Spanish will enhance and boost your marketability in our globalized world. In addition, UCF offers a variety of study abroad opportunities for Spanish speakers of all levels.