The Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages provides students a strong foundation in language acquisition, use, and pedagogy. Students take courses in Applied Linguistics, Grammar, Assessment, Second Language Acquisition, and Methods of TESOL. Our courses are designed to prepare students to immediately step into the world of teaching ESOL here in the United States or abroad.

TESOL is an exciting field with many possibilities for work overseas, in community colleges, Intensive English Programs, private language schools and public schools. We strive to offer our students a strong foundation in theory with numerous opportunities for work in the field. We have numerous local and international practicum experiences for our students.

Our professors have diverse research interests and thrive on working with students to develop their professionalism in the field. Current research trends in the department include vocabulary, assessment, community engagement, Russian ESOL, and sociolinguistics. We also offer an undergraduate TEFL Certificate, a graduate TEFL Certificate, and an undergraduate Applied Linguistics Minor.

Why study TESOL?

  • Because you love language: TESOL professionals not only have an in-depth understanding of the English language to the degree to be able to effectively teach it to others, but they also are surrounded by the linguistic diversity of English language learners.
  • Because you love culture: Directly connected to multilingualism is multiculturalism, so if you love learning about the history and traditions of other cultures, a career in TESOL will enrich your knowledge and understanding about other societies in the world.
  • Because you love to travel: One of the most common characteristics of a TESOL professional is a curiosity for exploring new places, and often they proudly tout a long list of places around the globe where they have traveled, lived, and taught.
  • Because you want to work abroad: A degree or certificate in TESOL/TEFL prepares you to be a competent English language educator so that you are competitive in the world market.
  • Because you want to work in the United States: TESOL professionals work in state colleges, universities, public/private schools, and language institutions. There are many teaching opportunities focused on those learning English.

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