The Master of Arts in Spanish focuses on the language, literature and civilization of Spain, Latin America and Hispanics within the United States. The core courses are designed to establish a foundation on conducting research in literature, culture and linguistics, as well as to enable students to understand the mechanisms of the Spanish language in order to develop their speaking and writing capabilities. The culture and civilization courses help students place their literary and linguistic knowledge in proper perspective. Literature courses provide an in-depth study of a particular genre, period, or author in order to impart comprehensive knowledge of a specific topic and to solidify skills in conducting in-depth research. Thus, the program structure enables students to learn research methods, enhance language skills and acquire a scholarly view of culture, literature and linguistics of the Spanish-Speaking world.

The graduate Spanish faculty are from a diverse educational and scholarly background. Their experiences provide the students pursuing a M.A. in Spanish with a variety of courses and fields of study. Faculty areas of specialization include Spanish Peninsular and Latin American Literatures, culture and civilization, Hispanic Literature and Culture in the United States, linguistics, philology, and research methodology.

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