Anastasia  Salter Administration
Anastasia Salter
Interests: electronic literature, adventure games, platform studies…
Carla Y. Gripp Administration
Carla Y. Gripp
Academic Support Coordinator I

Core Faculty

J.D.  Applen Core Faculty
J.D. Applen
Associate Professor
Interests: Classical and Contemporary Rhetoric, Technical Communication for students across UCF in all majors…
Jonathan  Beever Core Faculty
Jonathan Beever
Associate Professor of Ethics and Digital Culture
Interests: Ethics (Animal, Environmental, Digital, Engineering), Environmental Bioethics…
Rosalind  Beiler Core Faculty
Rosalind Beiler
Associate Professor
Interests: Early American History, Atlantic History, Migration…
Melody  Bowdon Core Faculty
Melody Bowdon
Associate Professor
Interests: Faculty Development, Technical and Professional Communication…
Martha Catherine Brenckle Core Faculty
Martha Catherine Brenckle
Interests: Queer Theory and FYW, Gender Studies and Feminist Theories…
Scot A. French Core Faculty
Scot A. French
Associate Professor
Interests: Digital and Public History, Community Studies/Local Knowledge…
Amy Larner Giroux Core Faculty
Amy Larner Giroux
Interests: Digital humanities through historical, cultural, and genealogical research…
Bruce B. Janz Core Faculty
Bruce B. Janz
Interests: Contemporary African Philosophy; Postcolonial Thought …
Emily Kuzneski Johnson Core Faculty
Emily Kuzneski Johnson
Assistant Professor of English, Core Faculty, Texts and Technology Ph.D. Program
Interests: technical communication, UX, human-centered design…
Louise Kane Core Faculty
Louise Kane
Assistant Professor
Interests: World Literature 1890-Present, Literary Modernism…
Peter  Larson Core Faculty
Peter Larson
Associate Professor
Interests: Medieval & Early Modern England, social and economic history…
Connie L. Lester Core Faculty
Connie L. Lester
, History, UCF College of Arts & Humanities
Program Director, RICHES (Regional Initiative for Collecting the History, Experiences and Stories of Central Florida)
Interests: Modern South, agricultural, environmental and economic history.
Julia  Listengarten Core Faculty
Julia Listengarten
Interests: contemporary and avant-garde theatre practices…
Amelia  Lyons Core Faculty
Amelia Lyons
Associate Professor
Interests: Modern Europe, French and French Colonial History…
Barry Jason Mauer Core Faculty
Barry Jason Mauer
Associate Professor
Interests: Film and Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Rhetoric and Composition…
Rudy  McDaniel Core Faculty
Rudy McDaniel
Interests: Technical Communication, Digital Ethics…
Sara Raffel Core Faculty
Sara Raffel
Assistant Professor
Blake  Scott Core Faculty
Blake Scott
Interests: Rhetoric of Health & Medicine, Rhetorical History, Theory, & Techne…
Mike Shier Core Faculty
Mike Shier
Interests: Editing and Publishing, Creative Writing, Creative Nonfiction…
Mel  Stanfill Core Faculty
Mel Stanfill
Program Coordinator
Interests: Fan Studies, Queer Theory, Race and Gender Studies…
Sonia H. Stephens Core Faculty
Sonia H. Stephens
Associate Professor
Interests: Scientific and technical communication, Narrative information visualization…
Keri  Watson Core Faculty
Keri Watson
Associate Professor
Interests: Art of the United States, Landscapes of the American South…