Faculty Granted Promotion and Tenure

June 03, 2022  UCF awarded 22 faculty in the arts and humanities promotion and tenure. Consideration for promotion and tenure takes nearly an entire academic year as faculty are evaluated on three main areas: research, teaching and service.

Associate Dean Lynn Hepner to Retire in August

April 25, 2022  Associate Dean Lynn Hepner ’95MA is retiring from UCF on August 7. Her ability to anticipate the needs of the college and to provide the right data at the right time has made her invaluable to CAH.

Thank You Knight Nation for Record-Breaking UCF Day of Giving 2022

April 08, 2022  “We asked for a ‘little help from our friends’ this year, and our friends delivered,” says Jeff Moore, dean of the College of Arts and Humanities.

11 CAH Faculty Members Named Recipients of the 2022 Seed Funding Program

March 10, 2022  The program awarded a total of $1 million to 32 teams, several of which included CAH faculty members.

Graduate Student Profile: Anshare Antoine, Texts and Technology Ph.D.

February 22, 2022  Texts and Technology Ph.D. student Anshare Antoine is passionate about the humanities and has a profound interest in technology.

Anastasia Salter Explains the Phenomenon of Dating Sim Video Games

February 16, 2022  Anastasia Salter, Director of Graduate Programs and Texts and Technology, spoke to the French magazine “Le Monde” about the rise in popularity of dating simulation games.

Graduate Student Profile: Christopher Odom, Texts and Technology Ph.D.

February 10, 2022  Christopher Odom believes that digital stories may hold the key to making a difference in our society and raising awareness about issues that might otherwise be ignored.

Texts and Technology Alumna Explores How Humanities Research Can Save Lives

October 29, 2021  Working on her dissertation for the Texts and Technology program led Linda Garrison ’21PhD to a significant conclusion: humanities research can save lives.

Anastasia Salter Shares How the End of Adobe Flash Impacted 9/11 News Coverage

September 13, 2021  Anastasia Salter, Director of Graduate Programs and Texts and Technology, was featured in a CNN article about how the end of Adobe Flash has rendered some news coverage of the September 11 attacks inaccessible.

Spotlight: UCF College of Arts and Humanities 2020–21 Year-in-Review

September 09, 2021  Spotlight, our college’s annual year-in-review, features stories, photos and videos that shine a light on the impact of the arts and humanities.

Explore Interactive Fiction with PS Berge, Texts & Technology Ph.D. Student

July 06, 2021  Texts & Technology Ph.D. student PS Berge explains how researchers and designers are harnessing the power of interactive to bring new narratives to life

Staff Awards Recognize Dedication and Exemplary Service

April 29, 2021  The annual college staff awards recognize employees who have delivered exemplary service to the college and UCF.

CAH Faculty Members Receive Tenure and Promotion in 2021

April 26, 2021  In 2021, 28 arts and humanities faculty members received promotion or tenure to recognize their dedication to the university.

UCF Researchers Launch Digital Version of World-renowned 18th Century Dictionary

April 15, 2021  Johnson’s Dictionary is considered one of the most influential works of English literature of all time — and now, thanks to researchers in the College of Arts and Humanities, it can be easily accessed online.

2021 Founders’ Day Awards Honor Excellence in the Arts and Humanities

April 07, 2021  Faculty members from across the college were honored for the 2021 Founders’ Day Honors Convocation, which recognizes UCF faculty members and students from across disciplines for their academic achievements, contributions and tenures.

Reach for the Stars Honorees Pushing the Boundaries of Earth and Space

April 07, 2021  Five faculty members were recognized for their outstanding research and creative activity, including Mel Stanfill, assistant professor of English and Texts and Technology.

2021 Founders’ Day Honorees

April 07, 2021  The annual recognition celebrates the outstanding academic achievements of our faculty members and students.

Graduation Info for 2021 Spring Graduates

April 05, 2021  The commencement ceremony for graduates of the College of Arts and Humanities will be Friday, May 7 at 9 am.

Opinion: Director Joss Whedon and His Shield of Feminism

February 19, 2021  In a guest column for the Orlando Sentinel, Anastasia Salter, Director of Graduate Programs and Texts and Technology, and Mel Stanfill, assistant professor of English and Texts and Technology, discuss the latest controversy surrounding Hollywood director Joss Whedon.

Texts & Technology Faculty Present at Valencia College’s Visiting Author Event

February 19, 2021  Anastasia Salter, Director of Graduate Programs and Texts and Technology, and Mel Stanfill, assistant professor of English and Texts and Technology, discussed their newly released book “A Portrait of the Auteur as Fanboy” as part of Valencia College’s spring Visiting Author events.