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As an enhancement to its Russian language curriculum, UCF offers a study abroad program for undergraduate students interested in Russian language and culture. This program provides an excellent opportunity for full linguistic and cultural immersion to enhance language skills.

Learn Russian in the Caspian Region

Learn Russian in the Caspian Region is a new study abroad program to learn Russian language, culture and history at Western Caspian University in Azerbaijan. Formerly part of the Soviet Union, Azerbaijan is bounded by the Caspian Sea and Caucasus Mountains, which span Europe and Asia. Its capital Baku is famed for its medieval-walled Inner City.

Students will have everyday classes with cultural excursions while staying in the university hotel or with Russian-speaking families. Visit famous cities and go sight-seeing in other parts of Europe and Asia.

The partnership between Azerbaijan and the United States is based on equality, mutual respect and a history of successful cooperation on energy security, peacekeeping operations, counterterrorism and other areas

Azerbaijan, a close partner of NATO, became an associate member following a NATO PA decision in November 2002 and joined NATO Operational Capabilities Concept in March 2004.

Citizens of the United States need a visa to study in Azerbaijan.

More Information

For further information and registration, visit the UCF Study Abroad program page.

Program Leader: Alla Kourova ([email protected])