July 10, 2017

Dr. Geri Smith’s translation, The Book of the Mutability of Fortune, is currently featured as the Translation of the Month on the Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index website: http://inpress.lib.uiowa.edu/feminae/MonthTranslation.aspx

The book is a very important resource for students learning about Christine de Pizan, literary history, medieval historiography, and court culture. Dr. Smith’s deep knowledge informs the translation as well as the introductory section and notes and all are of enormous value for students.

Feminae’s list of Articles of the Month has built up quite a number of regular visitors. We expect that the newer list of featured translations will also attract users to browse regularly and discover new texts: http://inpress.lib.uiowa.edu/feminae/MonthTranslationPrevious.aspx

Congratulations on the valuable work Dr. Smith has done in making this text by Christine de Pizan available to a wide audience of students and scholars.

Category: Faculty/Staff, Highlight

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