November 2, 2017

Interested in short-term study abroad? Journey Cuba is in its second year and the associated course SPN 3955 is 3 credits in Spring 2018. Students have the option to take the course and go to Cuba over Spring Break, or to take the course only and work with students who will go on the trip on pre- and post- trip assignments as well as virtual assignments during the trip.

This course is open to UCF students across all disciplines and would appeal particularly to students in History, Political Science, Latin American Studies, Spanish, Literature, Education, Art, Engineering and Music. Through this course, students will gain an awareness and appreciation of Cuban society, culture, and history through direct and unique experiences. Knowledge of Spanish is NOT a requirement for this course.

Course Description: This course will allow UCF students to dive into today’s vibrant Cuban culture. The focus of the course will be to examine Cuban culture through the exploration of visual arts, literature, music, and history, as well as a variety of other themes. Students have the rare opportunity to learn about Cuba through this course and it’s affiliated short-term study abroad trip, which will take place over Spring Break 2018, March 10-18.

This course features two distinct tracks, the first with a traditional study abroad experience, and the second with a virtual one. As a traditional study abroad participant, you will participate in the Spring Break trip to Cuba, engaging in a rigorous and active daily program, including – but hardly limited to – visits to museums and cultural centers, art installations, medical clinics, schools, farms, sporting facilities, and sites claiming historic and cultural significance.
For students who choose the second track, the study abroad experience will be virtual collaborating with students going on the trip on a variety of assignments shaped by the course goals and learning outcomes for the course before, during, and after Spring Break.

Faculty Directors:

SPN 3955: Journey Cuba course registration deadline: Before the end of drop/add Spring 2018.

Journey Cuba Study Abroad application deadline: December 1, 2017 – application available on UCF Abroad website. Click here to apply.

Click here for PDF course description.

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