You may apply for readmission to UCF if:

  • You have not attended UCF for two consecutive semesters (Spring and Fall); or
  • If you have been academically suspended; or
  • If you previously earned a baccalaureate degree at UCF and wish to pursue a 2nd bachelor’s degree.

Graduate students note:

If you previously earned a baccalaureate degree at UCF and are currently pursuing a graduate degree or you wish to enroll in a “non-degree status”, you must contact the Office of Graduate Studies (407-823-2766) for information on enrolling as a post-baccalaureate student.

Online readmission application instructions

Only those students seeking a second-degree immediately upon graduation, and students applying for Academic Amnesty, may request a paper Readmission Application.

Please email [email protected] with the subject line “Request for Readmission Application”. All others must apply online; no other paper Readmission Application will be accepted.

Please follow the process below:

  1. Log on to myUCF using your student ID and password
  2. Click on Student Self Service > Student Center
  3. Once on the Student Center page, go to the Other Academic… dropdown menu and scroll down to Readmission Application.
  4. Read all instructions on the form. Please note: if you were previously disqualified, you will need to include a personal statement indicating the reason for your previous academic difficulties, and your specific plans for ensuring academic success in future semesters.
  5. If you have attended another institution since your last enrollment, you must submit all official transcripts. Failure to do so may delay your ability to register for classes.
  6. After submitting the online application, your application status can be found at: > Student Self Service > Student Center > Other Academic… > Readmission Application Status.

You must submit the “Application for Undergraduate Readmission” to the Registrar’s Office (Millican Hall 161) by the deadline for each term published within the current Undergraduate Catalog.

Who is not eligible for readmission to UCF?

Students who are disqualified with a grade point deficiency of thirty grade points or greater or who have been excluded are not eligible for readmission to the University. For readmission purposes only, the term “grade point deficiency” is defined as the number of UCF credit hours earned with a “B” (3.0 GPA) grade that a student requires to raise his or her UCF cumulative grade point average to 2.0.

Readmission after “disqualification”

Students seeking to be readmitted into a major within the College of Arts and Humanities after disqualification must:

  • Sit out for at least two semesters. Requests for immediate readmission after disqualification or exclusion will not be supported.
  • Submit an “Application for Undergraduate Readmission” from the Registrar’s website or in person (MH 161).
  • Contact the College of Arts & Humanities immediately when you receive a letter from the Registrar’s Office directing you to the college. College of Arts and Humanities Student Advising is located in Trevor Colbourn Hall (TCH) 159. CAHSA can also be reached by phone at (407) 823-3312 or by email at [email protected].

Plan of study for first two semesters following readmission

Students that are readmitted after suspension will be limited to a maximum of two courses per semester until they are no longer on probation. A “HOLD” will be placed on their record, and they will be required to make an appointment with a CAHSA advisor prior to registering each term until they are in good academic standing.


Kendra Gilbertson
Interim Director, CAHSA
[email protected]