Students can register for courses in a future semester once their enrollment appointment becomes available. We encourage students to enroll in courses as soon as possible. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for dates and times when enrollment appointments and registration is available. Students with a UCF GPA of 3.5 or higher as of February 1st will be eligible for Multiple Term Registration and will have the opportunity to register for the Spring term at the same time as the Summer and Fall terms. Students can view their unique enrollment appointment in myUCF > Student Self Service > Enrollment Appointment (located on the right-hand side) > Details.

Course Overrides

There are different types of overrides for courses.

Prerequisite Override

If you do not meet the prerequisite for a course offered through the College of Arts & Humanities, you have the opportunity to speak with the department or school that offers the course to inquire about an override. If approved, the department or school will provide you with an override to bring to CAHSA for processing.

If you meet the prerequisite by a transfer course or test credit that is not posted to your record, please contact CAHSA in TCH 159 or by email at [email protected] to request an override. You will need to provide the course prefix, number, and five-digit class number of the course you would like to enroll in at UCF, as well as your unofficial transcript or score report in order to verify that you have met the prerequisite for the course. An advisor in CAHSA will provide you with an override or permission number for the course.

If you are currently taking the prerequisite course as a transient student in the current semester, please provide the information above and proof of enrollment after the withdrawal deadline has passed at your transient institution. Students will likely need to provide proof of a final grade in the course at the end of the term in order to remain in the course at UCF.

Unit Load Override

The credit hour or unit limit in the Fall and Spring terms is 17 units; Summer is 14 units. If you want to enroll in more than the maximum number of units allowed, you will need an approved override from your major advisor. If approved, please bring the override to CAHSA in TCH 159 or email the override form to [email protected] for processing.

Time Conflict Override

If you are unable to enroll in a course due to a time conflict with another course, you must speak with the instructors of the course(s). If the time conflict is approved, your major advisor will provide you with the override to submit to CAHSA.

For all overrides, CAHSA can only process your request if your enrollment appointment is open and you have no holds on your account that prevent registration.

A course I need to take is full, what do I do?

The College of Arts & Humanities does not override students into closed courses. If the class is full, students should add themselves to the waitlist. The registration waitlist is an electronic process that auto-enrolls students in closed classes as seats become available. This enables students to get into the classes they want without having to continuously check for possible openings. Waitlists operate on a first-come, first-served basis, so this process ensures that students who enroll sooner have a better chance of getting into a closed course. For more information regarding the waitlist process, please click here.

variable credit courses

If you are interested in enrolling in undergraduate research, internship, or independent study courses, please see your major advisor for information on the approval process for these courses. Once approved, please bring the completed Undergraduate Registration Agreement (URA) to CAHSA in TCH 159 or email the form to [email protected] to be enrolled in the course.