How can I meet with an advisor in CAHSA?

Students are assigned a CAHSA advisor by the first letter of their last name. To schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor, email your advisor directly from your UCF email account. Please be sure to always provide your first and last name, as well as your UCF ID when you are emailing from your UCF email.

What are the Foreign Language Requirements?

The Foreign Language Admission requirement is based on the completion of high school foreign language courses.

The Foreign Language Proficiency requirement is separate from high school language courses. The graduation requirement is met through completion of one year of college-level foreign language or demonstrated proficiency in one year of college-level foreign language. Students can meet this requirement through completed coursework through the Elementary Level II course of the foreign language (1121c) or through completion of a proficiency exam, such as CLEP or FLATS, offered through the University Testing Center (UTC). Most CAH majors have a foreign language requirement for graduation. Refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for major-specific information.

Please note, American Sign Language does not count as a foreign language in the College of Arts & Humanities.

How do I change or declare my major, track, minor, or certificate?

The Change of Major and Minor/Certificate Declaration process is online.

To change a program, please follow the video tutorial or the instructions below:

  1. Sign into your MyUCF account
  2. Click on “Student Self-Service” link from the left-hand navigation menu
  3. On the Student Center page, click on the drop-down box in the middle of the page that says “other academic…” in the Academic Information section
  4. Select “Change Major: Request” and click the arrows next to the box to go to the next screen
  5. Select “Change” if you are requesting to change your current major, minor, or certificate; Select “Add” if you are requesting to add a major, minor, or certificate
  6. Click on the college magnifying glass icon to look up and select the program’s college
  7. Next, click the major, minor, certificate magnifying glass to look up the requested program. For restricted access programs that you have not been admitted to, select the “Pending” or “Pre-” versions of that program
    1. If the program requires a track, the track option will appear, click the magnifying glass and select the track
  8. Click Next to review your change, then select “Submit”
  9. Run your myKnight degree audit to see the requirements of your newly declared program

What is Grade Forgiveness?

Grade Forgiveness offers a student the opportunity to retake a course and earn a second grade that will be substituted for the previous grade. Students must apply for grade forgiveness before the last day of regularly scheduled classes in the semester in which you are repeating the course. UCF allows two grade forgiveness attempts over your academic career unless you exceeded that number as part of the AA degree in which case all attempts are accepted but no additional attempts are allowed. UCF only allows grade forgiveness for courses originally taken and repeated at UCF. You may only attempt grade forgiveness once per course, and the second grade will replace the original grade regardless of whether or not the grade is an improvement. For the complete Grade Forgiveness Policy, please click here.

What is the difference between a double major and a double degree?

A student pursuing a double major will complete all requirements for both majors and will have less than 150 total credit hours. A student with a double major will receive only one diploma. A student pursuing a double degree will complete all requirements for both majors and will have at least 150 total credit hours. A student with a double degree will receive a diploma for both degrees.

What if a course I completed for my program is not reflected properly on my degree audit?

Please contact your major, minor, or certificate advisor regarding the course. It is possible that a course substitution will be requested on your behalf in order to move the course to the correct requirement within your program.