It is our mission to provide timely, accurate academic support services to students in the College of Arts and Humanities and the larger UCF community. To accomplish this mission, it is our goal to meet with every CAH student on a regular basis to create an individualized plan that includes academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular opportunities that will best prepare each student for graduate school or a career pathway.

Joint Responsibilities

We believe academic advising is a process where students and their advisors work together as partners in developing and meeting academic, career, and personal goals.



  • Know and understand your program requirements
  • Regularly check your myKnight Degree Audit and Pegasus Path plan
  • See your CAHSA and major advisors at least once a semester
  • Regularly check and respond to UCF email and text messages
  • Advocate for yourself and seek out resources as needed


  • Know program, degree, and university requirements
  • Provide in-depth guidance on university and college policies and procedures
  • Invite students for advising and support services
  • Recognize and respond to individual student needs
  • Help students create a holistic plan for degree completion