Fall 2023

Submit Intent to Graduate:
June 26, 2023 – October 13, 2023

Register for Fall 2023 Courses:
March 23, 2023 – August 25, 2023

  • Regularly log into UCF Webcourses and check for new information and/or announcements for the CAH Students ITG Review webcourse as part of the Intent to Graduate review process with CAHSA
  • Respond to CAH graduation ([email protected]) emails through UCF email
  • CAHSA will send degree audits to advisors for CAH programs for review and update. CAHSA will notify students if there are deficiencies via UCF email
  • Review the information on the UCF Commencement website to determine dates/times for commencement ceremony, ordering cap and gown, and ticket pick up
  • Mid-way through your graduating semester, the Intent to Graduate (ITG) application will be moved from “Applied” to “Pending” status where it will remain while awaiting final term grades to post
  • Fulfill requirements of all declared programs
  • Verify final grades and completed degree audit after final grades for the term post to myUCF. Please check the UCF Academic Calendar for the grade posting date
  • Degree certification begins after final course grades are posted and typically take one to two weeks to review all degrees.
  • For students meeting all requirements in all declared programs, final transcripts with the notation that the degree has been certified and conferred will be available once the Registrar’s Office has completed final certification. This is typically 4 weeks after final grades post
  • Graduates are expected to receive their diploma at the mailing address provided on the Intent to Graduate form 8-10 weeks after Commencement