The information on this page is applicable only to disqualified students who hope to pursue a major within the College of Arts & Humanities at UCF. Students pursuing a major in another college should contact the relevant College Advising office for more information.

Academic standing is “Disqualified”

Students who are Disqualified will not be able to enroll in UCF courses. Disqualified students may apply for readmission to UCF after sitting out a minimum of two consecutive semesters and completing the steps outlined below, but readmission is not guaranteed. Additional information regarding academic standing can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

We strongly encourage disqualified students who hope to return to UCF and pursue a CAH major to connect with us in CAHSA for guidance through the steps of the readmission process outlined below. Please contact us via email at [email protected] for more information and include your full name, UCF ID, and your planned major.

To be considered for readmission after disqualification, you will need to complete the following:

  1. Disqualified students must sit out a minimum of two (2) semesters between their last enrolled term at UCF and the readmission term, though it may take longer to complete the other requirements below.
  2. If you did not already meet your General Education Program, State Core, Summer Enrollment, and Gordon Rule requirements before leaving UCF, you must earn an AA degree at a Florida public institution or work with a CAHSA advisor to receive approval to complete pre-approved courses.
    • Once you select the State College or State University that you plan to attend, discuss the requirements to earn an AA degree with an advisor at that institution.
  3. In addition to completing the general requirements stipulated in #2 above, students should complete at least six (6) hours of approved courses for their major with grades of “B” or better. Email [email protected] for pre-approval of these courses or for assistance with identifying eligible institutions and courses to meet this requirement.
  4. File your readmission application by the posted reapplication deadline for the semester you plan to readmit to UCF. You may apply while your coursework for steps 2 & 3 is still in progress as long as it is on track to be completed before the start of the term you are seeking readmission for. The deadlines for readmission applications are the same as transfer applications and can be found here.
  5. Contact Kendra Gilbertson at [email protected] as soon as you have filed the official readmission application through the Registrar’s Office so that she can provide you with the next steps. Please note that you will have 15 days from the day that you submit your readmission application to complete this college-specific portion of the process.

Completing the steps above does not guarantee readmission to UCF or to the major of your choice.