Opinion: Waking Up to Whiteness and White Privilege

October 07, 2020  Philosophy’s Ann Gleig writes “While white people are not to blame for policies that began before they were born, they are still benefiting from them at the — often grave — expense of Black Americans.”

New Interfaith Dialogue Certificate teaches importance of intercultural skills

September 28, 2020  As of Fall 2020, students have the option to add the new Interfaith Dialogue Certificate, a four-course program that helps students understand the world interculturally.

Faith and Spirituality Run Deep in Black Lives Matter

September 25, 2020  UCF Associate Professor of religion Ann Gleig discusses the religious and spiritual ties within the global movement.

New Latinx Cultural Expressions course explores culture, history and the arts

September 24, 2020  New for the Spring 2021 semester, “HUM 3647 Latinx Cultural Expressions” focuses on the art, music, film and literature of U.S. Latinx communities in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Learning is a Challenge, Even for Scientists

September 21, 2020  UCF Philosophy Professor Stephen Fiore has been awarded a National Science Foundation grant to study how faculty from many disciplines work together in an effort to better prepare future researchers for the teamwork needed to solve some of the world’s most complicated challenges.

Philosophy welcomes Dwight K. Lewis, Jr. to faculty

August 24, 2020  Dwight K. Lewis Jr., PhD, researcher of the first African to attend a European university, joins the Department of Philosophy.

Interactive media and web conference sessions open to public

July 06, 2020  Texts and Technologies at UCF is hosting two virtual conferences this summer, both of which focus on the fusion of humanities questions with critical examination and playful exploration of the potential of technology.

Arts and Humanities Summer Speaker Series

June 17, 2020  The UCF College of Arts and Humanities is hosting a series of talks from the faculty highlighting research and teaching in arts and humanities. The summer speaker series will run from June 18 through July 23.

Staff Awards recognize dedication and success

May 06, 2020  The annual CAH staff awards recognize employees who have delivered exemplary service to the college and UCF.

Congratulations to CAH’s 2019-20 TIP and RIA Awardees

April 24, 2020  Congratulations to the faculty members who have been selected to receive 2019-20 UCF Teaching Incentive Program (TIP) Awards or Research Incentive Awards (RIA). 

CAH faculty members receive promotion or tenure in 2020

April 07, 2020  This year, 30 CAH faculty members received promotion or tenure to celebrate their successes.

2020 Founders’ Day awardees in arts and humanities

April 01, 2020  Faculty members from across the college are honored for the 2020 Founders’ Day Honors Convocation, which recognizes UCF faculty members and students from across disciplines for their academic achievements, contributions and tenures.

UCF artists “Arts On!”

March 26, 2020  We may all be at home, but our UCF artists are still creating! We’ve created a new site compiling the creative activities of UCF’s isolated artists for everyone to enjoy. Go Knights, Arts On!

Philosophy Department Faculty Win Numerous Awards

March 20, 2020  Seven philosophy department faculty members have been recognized for their dedication to research and teaching. The awards highlight the faculty’s commitment to students and UCF as a whole.

Event cancellations and updates for the UCF College of Arts and Humanities

March 13, 2020  The College of Arts and Humanities has made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel many upcoming events, including UCF Celebrates the Arts.

Mark Fagiano creates virtual reality ethical experience

February 27, 2020  Dr. Mark Fagiano has created an ethical dilemma in virtual reality to turn a thought experiment into a hands-on learning experience. The Heinz dilemma was first presented by Lawrence Kohlberg and asks, “should you steal medicine to save your wife?” Through the virtual reality experience, you can choose to steal...

Keeping up with Cyrus Zargar: UCF’s Endowed Al-Ghazali Distinguished Professor in Islamic Studies

January 21, 2020  Cyrus Zargar has the goal to create connections through religion, social issues, and theology with students. Take a look into his recent accomplishments.

New books from faculty to add to your winter break reading list

December 02, 2019  Discover the perfect book to cozy up with over winter break among a list of seven of the College of Arts and Humanities’ most recent faculty publications.

UCF Ethics Bowl team qualifies for national competition

November 20, 2019  For the third consecutive year, the UCF Ethics Bowl team has qualified for the National Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl in February. UCF’s two ethics bowl teams placed in 3rd and 9th out of 20 competing teams in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Ethics Bowl. The 3rd place win secured UCF’s entry into the...

Dr. Ann Gleig Honored as Rice University Distinguished Alumna

October 31, 2019  UCF Associate Professor of Religious and Cultural Studies Dr. Ann Gleig will be honored at Rice University as a 2019 recipient of the Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality’s Distinguished Alumna Award. In addition to accepting this award, Dr. Gleig will be giving a lecture on sexual...