Advising Appointments

For student advising, contact us by email [email protected], call 407-823-2273 or visit the Philosophy main office in the Psychology Building (second floor, Room 220). We look forward to talking with you!

Advising Tips

Register early! Don’t wait until the last minute. Obviously, this is important for you to get into the courses that you want to take. It is also important because some courses that do not reach a certain enrollment by a certain date are cancelled. If too many students wait to register for a particular course, it may not available when they want it.

Bring a copy of your myKnightAudit when you meet with your adviser.

It is important to understand that no individual knows everything, and faculty advisors are expected to focus only on particular major or minor requirements. Students are free to speak with other faculty members, program directors and the department chair regarding their paths of study.