The B.A. program centers on the principles of knowledge, responsibility and society. It provides students with opportunities to investigate the connections between intellectual pursuits and moral and public virtue. Questions to be investigated in courses include:

  • What are the marks of an intellectually virtuous person?
  • Which character traits are conducive to finding truth?
  • How are we responsible for the process and products of our investigations?
  • What are the connections between knowledge and power?
  • What is the relationship between intellectual responsibility, emotional responsiveness, and social responsibility?
  • How do academic pursuits prepare us for public citizenry?
  • What is the relationship between theory and practice?

Grappling with such questions is of the utmost importance in a world too often characterized by interpersonal violence, cross-cultural misunderstandings, rapid technological development, and environmental crises. Indeed, these are arguably among the most pressing questions of the new millennium. The Philosophy program aims to provide students with the theoretical skills and knowledge to engage with the complex issues of our time.

Related Program

UCF also offers a minor in Philosophy.