Religion is a pervasive, powerful, multifaceted, and enduring dimension of human experience. Religions and religious phenomena have shaped complex cultures and countless individual lives. They are influential in the world today and will continue to be so in the future. The academic study of religion is multidisciplinary, drawing upon approaches from history, literary studies, philosophy and the social sciences. It is multicultural, exploring the beliefs, practices and developments of particular religious communities in many different cultures. The critical study of religion fosters the education of mature and responsible citizens.

Students can major in Religion and Cultural Studies. The B.A. in Religion and Cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary degree, providing graduates with the knowledge base and intellectual, communication, and interpersonal skills essential to success in any career; more specifically, knowledge of religion and the ability to think clearly and communicate effectively about it—is valuable in fields that involve public affairs, international and cross-cultural relations, religious issues and groups, or interaction with diverse individuals and populations. While it provides insights into the role of religion in personal, group and societal identity and conflict, studying religion does not require any particular religious background or commitment.

Online Bachelor’s Degree

The Religion and Cultural Studies B.A. is also available as an online bachelor program that can be completed entirely online.


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UCF also offers a minor in Religion and Cultural Studies.