Islamic Studies by Philosophy professor book discussed at conference

January 15, 2019  Philosophy professor Cyrus Ali Zargar’s book “The Polished Mirror: Storytelling and the Pursuit of Virtue in Islamic Philosophy and Sufism” was discussed by a panel of experts at a recent Society for the Study of Muslim Ethics conference.

Al-Ghazali Program hosts forum with Dr. Francis Robinson

January 04, 2019  The Al-Ghazali Program in Islamic Studies hosted internationally recognized scholar, Dr. Francis Robinson of the Royal Holloway, University of London. He presented the keynote address at a forum, titled “Islamic Traditions of Learning: Education and Ethics in Central and South Asia.”

UCF Ethics Bowl team places second in Mid-Atlantic Regional Ethics Bowl

November 21, 2018  The UCF Ethics Bowl team is heading to the national Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl for a second year in a row, after placing second at the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Regional Ethics Bowl.

Cathy Baust, Administrative Assistant retires after 26 years of service

November 02, 2018  Administrative Assistant Cathy Baust has retired from the Philosophy Department after 26 years of service with the University of Central Florida.

Dr. Ann Gleig, Religion and Cultural Studies professor presents research in Australia

October 30, 2018  Dr. Ann Gleig will be attending two prominent conferences in Australia the first week of November give research talks on her new book.

One email became a life-changing opportunity to teach in China for a Humanities student

October 18, 2018  When Dr. Lanlan Kuang sent an email to her students about IIE-CEAIE Teaching in China program, a student decided to take a shot and apply to the program.

Al-Ghazali Program to Premiere Iranian Film on Campus

October 09, 2018  The Al-Ghazali Program in Islamic Studies hosts an event featuring the award-winning drama The Color of Paradise, by acclaimed director Majid Majidi.

UCF professor selected for government “think tank”

September 20, 2018  Dr. Stephen M. Fiore, a UCF Cognitive Sciences professor with the Department of Philosophy, and Director of the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory at the Institute of Simulation & Training, was selected by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to join a team of 30 scientists and engineers tasked with this...

Philosophy professor collaborates on journal focused on “collective behavior”

July 31, 2018  One of the world’s oldest academic journals just published a special issue dedicated to studying “collective behavior,” which was assembled by an international group of leading researchers in the field, including UCF Philosophy Professor Stephen M. Fiore. The special issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society takes a broad...

Philosophy student presents research at nation’s only undergrad ethics conference

April 26, 2018  Discussions on ethics are happening in our society at all times, whether we are aware of them or not. Christopher Larson, a UCF student majoring in Philosophy, understands this idea that moral principles create the basis of almost everything, from politics to interpersonal relationships. “It’s impossible to not have an...

Philosophy Department Announces 2017-2018 Student Awards

April 18, 2018  The UCF Philosophy Department announced its 2017-18 Student Academic Excellence Award winners. These students were recognized for their academic achievements within the department.   Emily Harrington Oscar Jablon Matthew Shalna Nicole Wrobol

UCF Student Uses Math, Philosophy Skills to Score Summer Project at Harvard

April 11, 2018  A UCF math major is headed to Harvard University this summer to study forest ecology through an interdisciplinary research project that combines philosophy, math algorithms and principles of ecology. Evan Waldmann credits working with Assistant Professor of Philosophy Jonathan Beever and his team for helping him land a Research Experience...

Philosophy students win Mid-Atlantic Ethics Bowl, head to Nationals in Chicago

December 01, 2017  The UCF student team from the Department of Philosophy won the Mid-Atlantic Regional Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Competition held at the University of North Georgia’s BB&T Center for Ethical Leadership on Saturday, November 18, 2017. Sixteen teams from fourteen universities competed on moral and ethical cases produced by the Association of...

UCF Researcher Builds Bridge to Silk Road’s Cultural Heritage

June 19, 2017  Dr. Lanlan Kuang’s research  on the Dunhuang Mogao Caves has been featured in UCF Today. Her research has centered around the digital preservation of cultural works within the cave systems. The article can be viewed here:

Luis H. Favela is awarded Faculty Mentor of the Year

May 11, 2017  The UCF Student Undergraduate Research Council has named Dr. Luis H. Favela Faculty Mentor of the Year.

Philosophy Department Announces 2016-17 Student Awards

April 17, 2017  The UCF Philosophy Department announced its 2016-17 Student Academic Excellence Award winners. These students were recognized for their academic achievements within the department.   Sabrina Jérôme Zachariah Neemeh Connor Robertson Austin Tindle

Philosophy Professor Wins Research Incentive Award

March 16, 2017  Dr. Stephen Fiore, Professor of the Philosophy Department, has won a 2017 UCF Research Incentive Award. This award encourages faculty to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their field, and also recognizes “faculty contributions to UCF’s key goal of achieving international prominence in research and creative activities.” Dr. Fiore...

Philosophy Professor Published in Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy Journal

March 16, 2017  Dr. Luciana Garbayo has had her article, “Simulation as an Ethical Imperative and Epistemic Responsibility for the Implementation of Medical Guidelines in Health Care” published in the journal of Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy. Dr. Garbayo’s article examines the problems facing the implementation of medical guidelines before testing for potential...

UCF Offers New Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Cultural Studies

May 29, 2014  A new Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Cultural Studies is being offered at UCF that will include additional courses in theory and methods along with the traditional historical focus. The revised degree replaces the previous Bachelor of Arts in Humanities to reflect developments in contemporary scholarship and research areas...

Philosophy Professor Publishes Book on Hinduism

November 19, 2013  UCF Philosophy Professor Ann Gleig teamed up with Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Millsaps College Lola Williamson while writing Homegrown Gurus: From Hinduism in America to American Hinduism. The book was recently published by SUNY Press. Today, a new stage in the development of Hinduism in America is taking...