Professor and student sit together with laptops

Most students enter the LCT program at least considering applying for Ph.D. programs once their degree is completed. An important part of our program is helping our students make an intelligent decision about their careers. We strive to make the LCT program an accurate and effective introduction to advanced study and an academic career, but we do so in an environment that is less ruthless than are many doctoral programs.

Recent graduates of our program are currently enrolled in doctoral programs at Auburn University, the University of California at Riverside, the University of California at San Diego, the University of Denver, the University of Houston, and Texas Christian University. It is thus certainly possible to use the LCT program as a stepping stone to a doctoral program, but we do not measure our success only by doctoral admissions. We want our students to be prepared for a doctoral program should they decide to apply, but we also prepare students to work in the Florida state college system, as well as in non-academic jobs.