The LCT curriculum is built on three required classes and a number of electives.

ENG 5009: Methods of Bibliography and Research

This class teaches students to accomplish research on the graduate level. This class is required by both the LCT and Technical Communication tracks, so it covers a broad range of research methods. Offered every fall.

ENG 6078: Contemporary Movements in Literary, Cultural and Textual Theory

This class provides students with grounding in some of the major theoretical trends relevant to the field of English since the middle of the twentieth century. Offered every spring.

ENG 6950: Capstone Course

The Capstone course may only be taken once a student has accrued at least 18 hours in the program. Capstone provides an opportunity to revise work already produced in the seminars, as well as to learn more about the profession of English, including conference presentation, publishing, maintaining a CV, and more. The Capstone class also bears the responsibility for planning and running the annual English Department Symposium, a local graduate student conference. Offered every fall.

Seminars: LIT 6216 and LIT 6936

Each iteration of LIT 6216 and LIT 6936 within a three-year period will be an entirely different course. It is thus possible to take each class up to four times. Each seminar focuses on a specific topic on which the professor for the course has expertise and on which she or he has done significant research. The seminars are the building blocks of the LCT program.

LIT 6216 foregrounds literature while LIT 6936 foregrounds theory. Both types of seminar will include literary and theoretical readings. At least one section of each course is offered every semester.

The LCT program also includes classes on college pedagogy, theory prior to that covered in ENG 6078, and linguistics. Students may also take up to two electives outside of the LCT curriculum.