The purpose of this annual symposium is to capture a snapshot of the intergenerational and multifaceted contributions of students, alumni, and faculty to our dynamic learning community. In this one-day event, we seek not only to highlight the importance of the humanities in the university but also to foster a sense of shared discourse and intellectual collaboration and to celebrate all the different kinds of work that we do.

2021: Isolation & Connection: An Ethos for 2020 and Beyond

The theme of Isolation & Connection serves both to acknowledge the global unrest and large-scale suffering that have characterized recent months and to honor the resilience, optimism, and creativity with which people face adversity and continue to build community and care for one another. While inspired by the pandemic and other events of 2020, this symposium encourages work that explores moments and effects of isolation and/or connection throughout history, across diverse platforms and literary and artistic genres, and in both local and transnational contexts. How might current events reframe our reading, or writing, of literature? What can the texts and events of bygone eras teach us about our current moment? How might we reimagine our commitments to teaching and intellectual community-building in a socially distant world? What possibilities does art, broadly construed, hold to shape our future? We welcome submissions that treat the theme of Isolation & Connection from a variety of critical, creative, and pedagogical approaches. For more information visit the 2021 English Symposium website.

Past Symposia

2020: Casting Light and Creating Shadows (Website)
Due to COVID-19, the Ninth Annual English Symposium was canceled and reorganized as a virtual site.

2019: Identities Remixed (Event Program)

2018: Breaking Boundaries & Making Spaces (Event Program)

2017: Agents & Agency (Event Program)

2016: Dislocation / Discovery (Event Program)

2015: Becoming (De) Familiarized (Event Program)

2014: The Other that is (Not) Me (Event Program)

2013: Consuming Objects (Event Program)

2012: Reimagining Subjects (Event Program)