Faculty and students in the UCF College of Arts & Humanities are engaged in a wide variety of interdisciplinary research projects. The college provides resources to assist faculty in securing funding for their research, while promoting and encouraging these activities.

Recent Publications

Jonathan Barker

“Against Purity,” Ergo: An Open Access Journal of Philosophy

Publication Image

Luis Martínez-Fernández

When the World Turned Upside Down: Politics, Culture, and the Unimaginable Events of 2019-2022. Peter Lang: New York, 2023.

Publication Image

Barry Jason Mauer

Reimagining the Humanities. Co-edited with Anastasia Salter. Parlor Press.

Martha García

2022. [September] “El heroísmo versado en Don Quijote. El patrimonio de la textualidad en la experiencia humana del arte.” VI Congreso Internacional de Educación, EPAC, Educación, Patrimonio y Creatividad. Duques de Soria, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain. Virtual Presentation.

Bill Fogarty

“September Songs: Forms of Doubt in 9/11 Poems.” Modern Language Association,
January 2023.

Lisa Nalbone

January 2023. “Inscribing the Imperial: An Ecocritical Reading of the Motherland and Maternity in El caballero encantado." Modern Language Association Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA, 2023.

Example Projects

Astronaut with text 'Space, Science, and Spirituality'
Collage of vintage Florida photographs, RICHES of Central Florida Documentaries Podcast Showcase
The Charles Brockden Brown Electronic Archive and Scholarly Edition with portrait of Brown