The College of Arts and Humanities seeks to enhance and develop programs of excellence in both the arts and humanities that are recognized for their academic quality, creative output and economic impact in our community.

We will harness our scale, diversity and excellence to achieve the greatest impact on our campus, regional, and global communities. We pursue our significant opportunities for interdisciplinary endeavors and recognize the impact that traditional and innovative approaches in the arts and humanities can have across all disciplines.


Our impact statement matches the university’s:

We use the power of scale and the pursuit of excellence to solve tomorrow’s greatest challenges and to make a better future for our students and society. Through learning, discovery, and partnerships, we transform lives and livelihoods.

Strategic Goals

  • By leveraging partnerships, be in and of our community, creating a positive impact on lives and livelihoods, underscoring the value of a liberal arts education, and demonstrating the importance of lifelong learning.
  • Foster an environment that encourages cross-disciplinary collaborations and activity.
  • Construct a technology-rich arts center with flexible, state-of-the-arts spaces that will allow for traditional and innovative performances.
  • Provide positive, high-impact student experiences that grants all students, faculty, and staff opportunities to access the arts and humanities.
  • Identify and expand distinguished undergraduate and graduate programs to increase their prominence and enrollment.
  • Increase annual giving and major gifts, both in number of donors and in total amount of donations.
  • Provide opportunities to strengthen the research and educational missions of the university.
  • Champion diversity and inclusion, because diverse viewpoints strengthen decisions and innovation happens when diverse viewpoints work together.