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Each dept. may nominate 1 voting member of the Faculty to serve. The Dean will appoint at least 7 council members of whom a majority will be departmental nominees. Members will serve 1 year but may serve up to a maximum of 3 consecutive terms. The Dean will serve as Chair.

The committee will include three voting faculty members and 1 alternate faculty member appointed by the Dean. Committee members will serve three-year, staggered terms. They may serve consecutive terms. A quorum will be three voting members. The Elections Committee will meet as necessary.

The Committee shall consist of five tenured members and a tenured alternate member. Each department/school may nominate one tenured voting member of its faculty to serve on the committee in the spring semester. The Dean shall appoint the members of the committee from among the nominees. In addition to the formal membership of the committee, other tenured faculty members may be appointed by the Dean to serve as facilitators for informal resolution of issues. Committee members will serve three-year staggered terms. Members may not serve consecutive terms. The committee chair shall be elected by the members of the committee.

Committee consists of 1 faculty members elected by the each department/school and a chair appointed by the Dean. Ballot nominees will be chosen by the faculty of each dept. All committee members shall be involved in a graduate program and research activities. A dept. may decline to submit a nominee. The chair will vote only in case of a tie vote. Except for the chair, no more that 1 member will serve from a single department. Members will serve 2 yr. staggered terms. Members may serve successive terms.

The committee will be composed of 1 tenured member from each dept. in the College to be elected by each dept. The Dean, Assistant and Associate Deans, Instructors, lecturers and dept. Chairs may not vote in this election. A dept. by majority vote may choose not to send a representative. Members will serve 2 yr. staggered terms.

The Committee will consist of 4 members appointed by the Dean from a list of faculty nominated by the departments. Members will serve 2-year staggered terms. Chair serves a 1-year term. The chair is chosen by the committee from among its members.

The faculty of each department/school elects one person to serve. A dept. may decline to submit a nominee. No more than 1 member will serve from a single dept. Members will serve a 2 yr. staggered term.

This committee consists of 3 Instructors/Lecturers and 4 Tenured/Tenure-Earning Faculty Members. Committee members may serve a term of no more than two (2) consecutive years. Voted on yearly by the whole College.

The Faculty Constitution provides that only tenured Full Professors are eligible for election to this committee and that members of the College Promotion and Tenure Committee are not eligible to serve on the University Committee. Further, those elected to the University Committee may not serve on their departmental Promotion and Tenure Committee.

Department Name Phone Term
English Mel Stanfill 5596 2021-2022
History Ken Hanson 2225 2021-2022
Modern Languages Charlotte Trinquet du Lys 2472 2021-2022
Philosophy Christian Ravela 4340 2021-2022
Performing Arts Chung Park 2862 2021-2022
Visual Arts & Design Stella Sung 2676 2021-2022
Writing & Rhetoric Brandy Dieterle 0349 2021-2022
History Hong Zang 5972 2018-2021
Writing & Rhetoric Kevin Roozen 2295 2018-2021
Visual Arts & Design Ilenia Colon-Mendoza 4995 2018-2021
Modern Languages Gergana Vitanova-Haralampiev (Alternate) 2472 2018-2021
English Barry Mauer 5596 2018-2022
Performing Arts Earl Weaver 5158 2018-2022
Philosophy Shelly Park 6857 2020-2022
Modern Languages Chiara Mazzucchelli 2472 2020-2023
Visual Arts & Design Byron Clerx 3607 2018-2022
History Yovana Pineda 3655 2018-2022
Writing & Rhetoric Rick Schell 2295 2021-2023
English Terry Thaxton 3406 2020-2022
History Scot French 5900 2020-2022
Modern Languages Florin Mihai 2472 2020-2022
Philosophy Luis Favela 4341 2021-2023
Performing Arts Scott Warfield 1144 2020-2022
Visual Arts & Design Jason Burrell 2676 2021-2023
Writing & Rhetoric Dustin Edwards 2295 2021-2023
English Anna Maria Jones 5596 2020-2022
History Luis Martinez-Fernandez 2225 2020-2022
Modern Languages Martha Garcia 2472 2021-2023
Philosophy Bruce Janz 2273 2021-2023
Performing Arts Bert Scott 2862 2020-2022
Writing & Rhetoric Rick Schell 2295 2021-2023
Visual Arts & Design Byron Clerx 2676 2021-2023
Performing Arts Claudia Lynch 2020-2022
History Vladimir Solonari 2020-2021
Modern Languages Anne Prucha 2472 2019-2021
Visual Arts & Design Victor Davila 2676 2019-2021
English Farrah Cato 2020-2022
History Patty Farles 2225 2020-2022
Modern Languages Francisco Fernandez-Rubiera 2472 2020-2022
Philosophy Christy Flanagan-Feddon 6514 2020-2022
Visual Arts & Design Shanon Lindsay 2676 2021-2023
Writing & Rhetoric Laurie Pinkert 2295 2020-2022
English Farrah Cato 2020-2022
Performing Arts James Brown 2021-2022
Modern Languages Kacie Tartt 2021-2022
Visual Arts & Design Carla Poindexter 2021-2022
Modern Languages Kerry Purmensky 2021-2022
English Sonia Stephens 2021-2022
Writing & Rhetoric Stephanie Wheeler 2021-2022
English Darlin' Neal 5596 2020-2022
History Tiffany Earley-Spadoni 6467 2021-2022
Modern Languages Charlotte Trinquet du Lys 2472 2020-2022
Philosophy Cyrus Zargar 5076 2021-2023
Performing Arts Julia Listengarten 3858 2020-2022
Visual Arts & Design Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz 2676 2021-2023
Writing & Rhetoric Angela Rounsaville 2295 2021-2023
Philosophy Steven Fiore 2020-2022
English Lynn Casmier-Paz 3-5596 2019-2021
History Patricia Farless 3-6617 2020-2022
Modern Languages Gergana Vitanova 3-2472 2020-2022
Philosophy Mason Cash 3-6857 2020-2022
Performing Arts Keith Koons 3-4077 2020-2022
Visual Arts & Design Keri Watson 3-5620 2020-2022
Writing & Rhetoric Pamela Baker 3-2295 2020-2022
English Darlin' Neal (At Large) 3-5596 2020-2022
Writing & Rhetoric Blake Scott (At Large) 3-2295 2019-2021
English Jane Moody (At Large) 3-5596 2019-2021
Visual Arts & Design Margaret Zaho (At Large) 3-2676 2020-2022
Performing Arts Elizabeth Horn (At Large) 3-2183 2019-2021
Visual Arts & Design Hadi Abbas (Alternate) 3-2676 2020-2021
Visual Arts & Design Brooks Dierdorff (Alternate) 3-2676 2020-2021
Visual Arts & Design Michael Cabrera (Alternate) 3-2676 2020-2021
Visual Arts & Design Victor Davila (Alternate) 3-2676 2020-2021
Visual Arts & Design Amer Kbaslija (Alternate) 3-2676 2020-2021
Modern Languages Alla Kourova (Alternate) 3-2472 2020-2021
Modern Languages Charlotte Trinquet du Lys (Alternate) 3-2472 2020-2021
Performing Arts Scott Warfield (Alternate) 3-1144 2020-2021
Performing Arts Eladio Scharron (Alternate) 3-1051 2020-2021
Performing Arts Laszlo Marosi (Alternate) 3-5002 2020-2021
Performing Arts James Brown (Alternate) 3-2862 2020-2021