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About the CAH Alumni Mentorship Program

In the spirit of Knights helping Knights, the CAH Alumni Mentorship Program enables alumni to share their professional and personal experience and expertise with current UCF students. The connections made in the program help prepare our students for a successful future and leave a lasting impact on our campus community.

As an alumni mentor, you will have the opportunity to advise student(s) on academic guidance, career advice and personal development for the academic year (September to May). We encourage mentors and mentees to connect on a regular basis (i.e. once a month phone call, in person meeting, or email conversation). However, the frequency and form of communication are things you both can determine. Opportunities to interact with each other can include virtual discussions, networking events, UCF athletic events, CAH events and other volunteer opportunities.

Alumni do not have to be on campus to leave a footprint at UCF. Whether you are right down the street or across the globe, we invite alumni from around the world to be part of the CAH Alumni Mentorship Program.

How do I participate?

Alumni Mentor Application Form

The thorough and honest completion of this application plays a crucial role in the Mentorship Committee being able to create meaningful and successful mentor/mentee matches. During the month of September, mentor/mentee pairs will be matched, and each participant will receive confirmation of their pairing via email.

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