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  • History B.A.

  • History B.A. and M.A. Accelerated Undergraduate-Graduate Program
    The accelerated program allows highly qualified undergraduate majors in history to begin taking graduate-level courses which will count towards their master’s degree while completing their baccalaureate degree program. Participation will enable completion of a B.A. and M.A. in five instead of six years for students enrolled in full-time course work.

Minors & Interdisciplinary Concentrations

Interdisciplinary Concentrations

  • Africana Studies
    Africana Studies is an interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes the artistic and intellectual traditions of all people of the African Diaspora. The minor in Africana Studies is designed to complement a student’s major, incorporating courses from many subject areas.

  • American Studies
    The American Studies minor offers students the opportunity to engage in the intellectual, cultural, political, literary, and historical aspects of the United States from an inter- and multi-disciplinary perspective. The minor emphasizes critical analysis and evaluation of the American experience by providing the groundwork for critical and constructive understanding of the development of and lived experience in American culture and society.

  • Florida Studies
    Florida Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that offers students a general background of the history, literature, politics, art, culture, and environment of Florida.

  • Judaic Studies
    Judaic Studies forms an essential component of the university curriculum because the roots of western culture, civilization, and major world religions lie in ancient Jewish thought and practice, as manifested in the Hebrew Bible and subsequent writings.

  • Middle Eastern Studies
    The Middle Eastern Studies Minor at UCF is a great option for history students who have an interest in international affairs.

  • Pre-Law in the Humanities

  • Russian Studies

Additional History-related Studies and Complimentary Minors

To explore more Minors and Certificates which may compliment your History B.A. degree (the above are suggested but are not a complete list), go to Minor Degree Search | University of Central Florida | Orlando (