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Frequently Asked Questions

What courses do I have to take to graduate with a History, B.A.?

While the degree audit and the undergraduate catalog have the full list of requirements, the History Department has created a useful advising packet with a checklist.

If your admit term was before Summer 2022, use this packet: Undergraduate Advising Packet

If your admit term is listed as Summer 2022 and after, use this packet: Undergraduate Advising Packet 2022-2023

What is the breakdown between lower and upper-level history classes?

The History Department never counts more than 4 lower level (2000-level) history courses for the major. With permission, however, we will allow you to take fewer than 4 lower level courses. In other words, rather than taking 4 lower and 8 upper level courses, a student may take 3 and 9 or 2 and 10.

Where can I get an override for a History class?

The History Department does not provide overrides into full classes. If you wish to get into a full class, you must use the wait list.

Does the History Department allow for non-History classes to substitute for History electives?

No. Because the History major requires only 12 classes, we do not allow substitutions from other disciplines regardless of the course title. These courses can, of course, serve as electives outside of the major.

What is the portfolio requirement?

All undergraduate History majors are required to enroll in HIS 4959 in the semester they intend to graduate. This zero-credit hour course guides students with turning in the required portfolio for graduation. This portfolio should contain 8-12 examples (the originals not copies) of graded, written work (research papers, book reviews, essay exams, etc.) from History classes. The portfolios will be used by the History Department in order to assess our program. If you have any questions regarding this requirement, contact [email protected].

What is the foreign language requirement?

The History degree is a Bachelor of Arts degree. At UCF, all B.A. students are required to have a foreign language proficiency equivalent to two semesters of a language. The most common way students meet this requirement is to take two semesters of a foreign language. The College of Arts and Humanities does not allow American Sign Language to count for this requirement.

More information

See the UCF undergraduate catalog.