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Avg. Hours/Week: 20

  • Some weeks may have more scheduled hours depending on needs and runtime of scheduled events/performances (not to exceed 29 hours/week)
  • On weeks with no performances, this position may assist with daytime box office operations, marketing, and other projects as assigned.
  • If they have worked over 20 hours during previous show weeks, they may not be scheduled on weeks with no performances (or may be scheduled fewer hours), to keep an average of 20 hours per week.


Explanation of Need:

The UCF School of Performing Arts currently hosts approximately 40+ ticketed performances per semester in fall and spring, 35+ events during UCF Celebrates the Arts each April, and 16+ performances over summer, that require the support of front of house staff (box office staff, ushers, event staff, etc.). There are also several events from other areas of the College of Arts and Humanities that require the assistance of the box office. Each event is staffed with students (enrolled in the front of house participation class, completing scholarship hours requirements, or doing work study), who require supervision and support. This is in addition to the supervision and support needed for the students scheduled to staff the daytime box office (normal operating hours of 12pm-5pm, M-F).


Important Note:

This position is OPS (Other Personal Services Employment). OPS positions are temporary employer/employee relationship used solely for accomplishing short term or intermittent tasks. This position is part time. The job description and title are subject to change based on the needs of the department. OPS positions are not eligible for any form of paid leave, paid holidays, paid personal days, participation in state group insurance or retirement benefits, or any other state employee benefit. This position may be discontinued if funding sources become unavailable.


To apply for this position, please send your resume and any additional information you would like to provide to [email protected] with the subject line Box Office Assistant Manager Application.