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Cathy Radzai

Assistant Dean


Responsible for college E&G budget implementation and budget allocation documents. Tracks all college salary and OPS expenditures, as well as monitors all operational expenditures for the college. Reviews all faculty, adjunct and grad student employment agreements and ePAFs. Processes PVAs and assigns positions numbers. Payroll approver for CAH and back-up payroll approver for all CAH units. Processes all budget transfers for the college.


  • Annual Chair Evaluation of Faculty
  • Audits
  • Authorization for One-time Payments
  • Auxiliary Accounts
  • Budget Allocation recommendations (annual, summer)
  • Budget Transfers
  • CAH Reservations
  • Concessions Account and Tracking
  • Department Authorization Lists
  • Dual Compensation Forms
  • Employment Agreements
  • E-PAFs
  • Equipment Fee Accounts
  • Faculty Employment Agreements
  • Faculty and Staff Online Hiring and Searches
  • Faculty and Staff Records
  • Foundation Accounts
  • Hiring Processing and Budget Authorization Requests
  • Honors Funding
  • Journals
  • Laboratory Fees- Budget Tracking
  • Leave Payouts
  • Monitoring of College-wide E&G/Auxiliary/Foundation Accounts/Equipment Material and Supply Fees
  • New Faculty Hire Files
  • Oversight of CAH Dean's Office Front Desk Reception Area
  • Oversight of CAH Personnel Records Room
  • Oversight of General Operations in CAH Dean's Office
  • Parking
  • Payroll Approval
  • Payroll Sign Ins
  • P-Cards
  • Purchasing
  • Regional Campus Funding
  • Salary and OPS Tracking and Monitoring for all of CAH
  • Salary Buyout – shared with Rudy
  • Study Abroad Budget
  • Tracking and Managing all Personnel Position Numbers
  • Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Approvals
  • Travel Reimbursement Forms
  • USPS and A&P Personnel and Recruitment Procedures
  • USPS & A&P Annual Performance Appraisals

Legal/Related Issues

  • Contracts
  • Memoranda of Understanding/Agreements


  • M.A. in Public Administration from University of Central Florida (2004)
  • B.S. in Health Services Administration from University of Central Florida (1996)
  • B.S.B.A. in Business Administration, Management from University of Central Florida (1986)