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A mentor can help in clarifying direction, developing focused goals and making a student’s transition from college into the industry more seamless and effortless. Your program participation assists a student in linking classroom experiences directly with real world situations, gaining insight into the value and practical use of their education, and benefiting from direct, hands on career development advice.

Ideal professional alumni mentors are

  • Professionals with industry experience
  • Advocates of the University of Central Florida and higher education
  • Coaches who are willing to share their professional network with students
  • Creators of unique learning opportunities outside of the classroom
  • Sounding boards and advisors who help students explore possibilities and learn more about their chosen industries, review career paths and fine-tune their career goals
  • Open to sharing past successes, failures and insights into lessons learned
  • Supporters and givers of constructive feedback

Ideal student mentees are

  • Excellent students dedicated to succeeding academically
  • Dedicated to continuing their mentor/mentee relationship
  • Ambitious and motivated to grow professionally
  • Open to new experiences and learning opportunities
  • Mature and respectful toward professionals in network
  • Willing to utilize mentor to obtain industry insights

I’ve Been Matched! Now What?

Congratulations in being matched! We expect that you make initial contact with your assigned mentor/mentee within 72 hours of receiving notification of your match from the CAH Alumni Chapter Mentorship Committee. Set a date and time for your first official “meeting”, where you will start to get to know each other, set expectations, goals and a communication/meeting plan for the upcoming weeks and months. The CAH Alumni Chapter Mentorship Committee will provide a handbook with resources to assist in the facilitation of laying the building blocks for a successful mentoring relationship.

Once a mentorship match has been made, we expect all of our participants to adhere to the following program guidelines:

  • Follow through on the commitments you make to the program and each other throughout the entirety of the mentorship agreement period, which may consist of one semester or the full academic year
  • Communicate at least once per month throughout the duration of the mentorship relationship in person or via telephone/email. Please note: at least one in person and/or video conference call during the program is strongly recommended
  • Recognize that participation in this career and development program is solely voluntary. Furthermore, understand that either participant may decide to end the relationship during the agreement period. However, the expectation is set forth that if this were to happen, participants must provide notification to each other and the College of Arts and Humanities Mentorship Chair.

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