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Why should I participate as a mentor?

Our hope is that mentoring will be a positive and enriching experience where you will be able to:

  • Refine your coaching and mentoring skills
  • Develop meaningful connections with current students and provide a positive impact as they prepare to enter the industry
  • Experience a reconnection with College of Arts and Humanities and be in the know of all current college happenings

Why should I participate as a mentee?

Having a mentor can contribute enormously to your success in future professional aspirations. Much of that learning that contributes to our success happens not through books, but through real world experience. Without a mentor, that learning occurs mostly through trial and error. With a mentor, however, even experienced professionals can benefit from the experiences and expertise of someone who has withstood the trial and can help us avoid the error. Similarly, those new to the industry or interested in learning about the industry will discover that being a mentee shortens the learning curve for acquiring the skills and knowledge most critical to a successful career.

Other benefits that accrue as a result of being a mentee in a mentoring relationship include:

  • Learning new things about yourself: The self-reflection that can result from a mentoring relationship can be a powerful growth experience and provide you with new insights about yourself
  • Making more of your strengths and exploiting your hidden talents: A good mentor will push you to do more with your strengths, and help you discover and exploit hidden talents
  • Expanding your personal network: Entering into a mentoring relationship adds your mentor to your personal network, and may lead to an introduction to the individuals in the mentor’s network
  • A source of referrals: Your mentor may refer you to other mentors once s/he has a better understanding of your needs, abilities, and goals

What are the qualifications I must have to be eligible to participate as a mentor/mentee?

Mentors must be UCF alumni or friends with an undergraduate degree from an accredited university. Mentees must be currently enrolled UCF students who are sophomores, juniors or seniors by credit standing.

How long is the commitment?

Mentors and mentees have the ability to request to participate in the program on a semester (September – December) or full academic year basis (September – April).

What if I want to continue to mentor my mentee beyond the term commitment?

Alumni are welcome to continue mentoring their mentees as long as they are willing and able.

Is event attendance mandatory?

Event attendance and participation is highly suggested, but not required. The great thing about this program is that your mentorship connection can be carried out as the mentor and mentee see fit. We have many mentors that live outside of the Central Florida area and due to the long distance, simply can’t attend. However, we do encourage you to attend as many activities as possible to build a strong connection with your student.

I live outside of the Greater Orlando area – can I still participate?

Absolutely! We have active alumni successfully participating in the mentorship program who are located nationwide.

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