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Celebrating Juneteenth with a Local History Lesson

June 18, 2020  UCF Associate Professor Scot French will help lead a virtual discussion that anchors this year’s Hannibal Square celebration.

Arts and Humanities Summer Speaker Series

June 17, 2020  The UCF College of Arts and Humanities is hosting a series of talks from the faculty highlighting research and teaching in arts and humanities. The summer speaker series will run from June 18 through July 23.

26 Books, Videos and Plays That Can Help Educate on Race and Racism

June 09, 2020  To learn more about racial history and current events, check out these titles recommended by UCF faculty and librarians.

COVID-19: Lessons from the Black Death

May 29, 2020  Historian Peter L. Larson draws some comparisons between current days and another public health crisis: the Black Death in the 14th century. This article was written as part of the Addressing Global Crisis Project, which is run by UCF’s Office of Global Perspectives & International Initiatives.

Best Student Film Award Goes to “Filthy Dreamers”

May 12, 2020  “Filthy Dreamers” was narrated by associate professor of history Connie Lester, and led by project faculty advisers Robert Cassanello, Ph.D., and Lisa Mills, Ph.D.

Staff Awards recognize dedication and success

May 06, 2020  The annual CAH staff awards recognize employees who have delivered exemplary service to the college and UCF.

History class makes news with unique project

April 27, 2020  History instructor Kevin Mercer is receiving national media attention for his COVID-19-related class assignment.

Congratulations to CAH’s 2019-20 TIP and RIA Awardees

April 24, 2020  Congratulations to the faculty members who have been selected to receive 2019-20 UCF Teaching Incentive Program (TIP) Awards or Research Incentive Awards (RIA). 

Alumnus awarded most outstanding thesis on Florida history

April 08, 2020  The Florida Historical Society honored UCF History alumnus Gramond McPherson with the Gov. LeRoy Collins award for the most outstanding graduate level thesis on Florida history.

CAH faculty members receive promotion or tenure in 2020

April 07, 2020  This year, 30 CAH faculty members received promotion or tenure to celebrate their successes.

2020 Founders’ Day awardees in arts and humanities

April 01, 2020  Faculty members from across the college are honored for the 2020 Founders’ Day Honors Convocation, which recognizes UCF faculty members and students from across disciplines for their academic achievements, contributions and tenures.

UCF artists “Arts On!”

March 26, 2020  We may all be at home, but our UCF artists are still creating! We’ve created a new site compiling the creative activities of UCF’s isolated artists for everyone to enjoy. Go Knights, Arts On!

Event cancellations and updates for the UCF College of Arts and Humanities

March 13, 2020  The College of Arts and Humanities has made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel many upcoming events, including UCF Celebrates the Arts.

Celebrate Women’s History Month 2020

March 02, 2020  CAH is celebrating Women’s History Month with a variety of events hosted in the library during the month of March.

Bioethicist makes compelling case for continuing importance of women’s political involvement, action

February 27, 2020  Professor Michele Bratcher Goodwin spoke at the UCF Africana Studies’ second annual Dr. John Washington Lecture Series. In her lecture, titled “Overcoming Injustice: Why Women’s Constitutional Citizenship Still Matters,” Goodwin outlined, in stark terms, a recent trend toward rolling back legal protections related to women’s sexual and reproductive health.

Historian’s book about early Cuban history wins awards

February 20, 2020  UCF historian Luis Martínez-Fernández’s recently published book, “Key to the New World: A History of Early Colonial Cuba,” won the 2018 Florida Book Awards bronze medal in general nonfiction, first place at the 2019 International Latino Book Awards in the History category, and a feature from New Books Network.

History student researching past flu outbreaks to better understand the present

February 20, 2020  As part of his honors undergraduate thesis, Andrew Kishuni is studying the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918 in the U.S. South to help understand today’s global outbreaks.

History student Andrew Kishuni guest columnist for Orlando Sentinel: Coronavirus an example of societal impact on epidemics

February 06, 2020  Accelerated B.A./M.A. History student Andrew Kishuni is working on an honors in the major thesis on flu pandemics.

Why Black History Matters Today: A Historian’s Perspective

February 04, 2020  With its Africana Studies minor and several other courses and programs that focus on teaching and preserving Black history, UCF’s College of Arts and Humanities is helping students stay connected with the past.

A Look Back at the Start of UCF’s Black Student Union

February 04, 2020  UCF alumni Roland Williams and Wiletha Williams share their experience as some of the university’s first students.