At least one each term, Rhetoric & Composition faculty will lead professional development workshops for students in the program. Past topics have included mapping the field, writing annotated bibliographies and thesis proposals, and writing conference proposals. Upcoming topics will likely include situating your work in the field, developing your thesis project, and applying to PhD programs.

Students should also take advantage of the excellent composition workshops and research talks held each semester. Workshops will enable you to learn more about the teaching of writing and, if you are a GTA, network and share resources with other, more seasoned writing instructors in the department. The department’s Research Colloquium series features 2-3 pairs of research presentations each term, with each pair typically including a faculty member and an advanced graduate student (from the M.A. or Texts & Technology program). One purpose of this series is to provide M.A. students with examples of various types of research in the field, the scope of an M.A. thesis, and strategies for situating and presenting one’s research.

Finally, the program will be encouraging students to form a student chapter of the Rhetoric Society of America. Comprised of both graduate and advanced undergraduate students, other RSA student chapters have sponsored such activities as professionalization workshops, reading groups, and abstract writing groups.