Department Awards

Each year, the department sponsors two graduate student awards, one for research and one for teaching. You must be nominated by a faculty member.

UCF Graduate Excellence Awards

Each year, students can submit a portfolio for nomination of College and University level awards of excellence. These are intended to showcase student excellence in academic achievement, teaching, research, leadership, and community service.

Award for Excellence by a Graduate Teaching Assistant

This award is intended for students who provide teaching support and assistance under the direction of a lead teacher (rather than working as an instructor of record). This award focuses on the extent and quality of the assistance provided by the student to the lead instructor and the students in the class.

Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching

This award is for students who serve as instructors of record and have independent classroom responsibilities. The focus of this award is on the quality of the students teaching and the academic contributions of those activities.

Award for the Outstanding Masters Thesis

This award recognizes graduate students for excellence in the Masters thesis. The focus is on the quality and contribution of the student’s thesis research. Excellence of the Masters thesis may be demonstrated by evidence such as (but not limited to): publications in refereed or peer-reviewed journals, awards and recognitions from professional organizations, and praise from faculty members and other colleagues in the field. The university award will be forwarded to a national-level competition sponsored by the Council of Southern Graduate Schools (CSGS) when the thesis discipline corresponds to the annual submission request.