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The Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Program, housed in the UCF Center for Writing Excellence, supports a generative, inclusive, and expansive culture of writing at the University of Central Florida.

The WAC Program works with a range of campus partners to support UCF writers who are linguistically-, racially-, culturally-, technologically, and ability- diverse. We support the development, implementation, and assessment of effective approaches to writing instruction across and within disciplines.

Our recent programs include:

  • Disciplinary Workshops – specialized writing workshops developed in collaboration with faculty to support needs of students within degree programs and program curricula
  • FCTL Summer Conference – conference events such as individual sessions, panel presentations, and tracks that engage selected stakeholders in multi-day development of writing initiatives
  • Graduate Pathways Workshops – sessions designed to support the writing development of graduate students in areas of continued need
  • National Day on Writing – campus-wide “Write Here, Write Now, Write On” celebration of the roles of writing in our everyday lives held on the October 20th each year
  • WAC Fellows – faculty development program to support the development of writing outcomes and assessment strategies that are locally situated and rooted in research-based best practices
  • Writing Research Lab – dedicated lab space for writing-related projects and consultations on development of SOTL or research projects that investigate writing

Stakeholders across campus are invited to contact WAC Director, Laurie A. Pinkert to discuss potential partnership and support within or beyond the listed activities.

Contact Information

WAC Director: Dr. Laurie A. Pinkert
Location: Trevor Colbourn Hall, Room 109
Phone: 407-823-1057
E-mail: [email protected]