The Medical Writing and Rhetoric certificate is designed to provide graduates with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to work as a medical writer in the commercial sector, government agencies, and/or academia. This certificate program equips students with the foundational skills necessary as a proficient medical communicator writing medical education materials, regulatory documents, scientific grants or publishable journal articles. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity for an in-depth exploration of medicine, health, and wellness from the lens of disability studies to better prepare students to work with and advocate for vulnerable groups within the context of their social, cultural and political contexts.

The program is designed for both those intending to communicate scientific information to lay audiences, e.g., science journalism, marketing communications or patient communications, as well as those with a strong biomedical and/or life sciences background intending to write for scientific audiences in peer-reviewed journals, regulatory documents, medical education materials and/or research grant proposals.

Visit the UCF Undergraduate Catalog for official program requirements and information.

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