September 15, 2009

Michael Strawser’s proposal on Applying Creativity to Research in Ethics has been accepted for presentation at the 2009 Florida Statewide Symposium, Engagement in Undergraduate Research on September 25, 2009. How should we think about the many ethical dilemmas that face us today? How should research in current ethical dilemmas be conducted to move beyond impasses in judgment towards developing a consensus for action? Strawser will discuss the new Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar on Case Studies in Ethics that he is currently co-teaching with Nancy Stanlick. Their course is designed to prepare UCF students to participate in the UCF Ethics Bowl, which is already a creative act of engagement, but more importantly, they hope to open new possibilities in the study of ethical dilemmas that would allow for creative problem-solving in ethics.

Category: Faculty/Staff, Highlight

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