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Student speaks with older woman while reviewing documents
Our Public History students get hands on training in the field, completing projects such as History Harvests.

The Public History Track will train students who are interested in careers in administration, preservation and interpretation within public history. The program will be valuable for students who wish to pursue careers using archival studies, community and local history, documentary editing, historic site preservation and administration, museum studies, oral history, historical resource management or applied research.
Why Study Public History at UCF?


Public history is one of the newest and fastest growing fields within the discipline of History. Some practitioners of public history seek to connect the general public with stimulating and thought provoking inquiries into the past. For many historians the role of academic inquiry within the public sphere has been limited, it is the role of the public historian to bridge the gap between the academic and general audience, thus, the public historian connects the lay-audience to historical inquiry and discovery.

But, specifically what is public history? It reframes questions, theories, and methods in the hope of presenting an “active” story that is enjoyable, refreshing and palatable to the larger audience. In reality, the study of public history is revolutionary because it explores and creates new avenues to non-historians.

By pursuing a career in public history your career is not limited to college and university teaching but can include careers as editors, oral historians, archivists, curators, administrators, writers, and specialist in historical preservation.

The study of public history at the University of Central Florida is exciting, rewarding and intriguing. We are rooted in a flexible curriculum and a community of scholars who are consistently engaged in groundbreaking theories and practices.

Like the greater metropolitan area of Orlando and the University of Central Florida, the Public History program within the History Department is quickly becoming an important track for students in the graduate program.

Public History at UCF

Public History takes history beyond the classroom and puts it into real-world contexts. At UCF, Public History engages cultural heritage management, incorporates new technologies, and emphasizes partnerships. Our programs and projects promote the following:

  • Innovation: Hands-on educational opportunities for students
  • Exploration: Cutting-edge public history research that connects local history to global events
  • Collaboration: Partnering with the community to sustain local heritage

Students in our program are preserving and interpreting history through cutting-edge projects in partnership with the central Florida community. Click here for more information on our internship opportunities and special initiatives.

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