Professor meets with student

What is the deadline for my application? What if not all of my materials are in by then?

The Creative Writing MFA for Fall admission is January 1. All of your application materials should be in by then; however, due to some of the application requirements (such as the three letters of recommendation, your final transcripts, or your GRE scores) it is entirely possible that parts of the application will not be turned in by the deadline. Should this happen, you should email the program office ([email protected]) to discuss steps on how to move forward with your application. Items within your control must be completed by January 1. (your writing portfolio, resume or CV, statement of background and goals).  It is a good idea to email the MFA graduate admissions specialist to let them know you have completed your online application.

I missed the deadline to apply, but can I take classes that would transfer into the MFA should I be accepted in the next admissions round? (Non-Degree Seeking, Non-Program, Post-Graduate, and Undergraduate Students)

We permit Non-Degree, Non-Program, or undergraduate students in our courses if there is space available. Active and current students in our program have priority registration for our courses. Students seeking to enroll who are not admitted, active, and current Creative Writing MFA students should use the following process to register:

  1. Decide which course(s) you want to take at least one month before registration begins.
  2. Contact the instructor teaching the course via their university email requesting permission to enroll. This email should contain a brief statement about why you wish to take the course, your academic goals, and how it will benefit your studies. You should also copy the Department of English Graduate Admissions Specialist ([email protected] to ensure we have record of your request. Usually the professor will want to see a writing sample and some additional information to be sure the class is a good fit for you and that you will succeed in the class.
  3. Once permission is acquired, forward that email response to the registration email address.
  4. If granted permission by the instructor, and you’re not in another degree program at UCF, you must apply to UCF as a Non-Degree seeking student before you can enroll in the course.

Course permission can be obtained at any time, and we strongly suggest doing so before registration. You will still need to send your course requests once registration opens in order to receive a permission number, but should no instructor grant permission via email, you will not be issued a number. Ultimate decisions for admitting Non-Degree and Non-Program Student lie with the instructor of the course, and should an instructor refuse permission to enter a course there are no appeals or overrides.

What are the GRE requirements?

We do NOT require the GRE.

My undergraduate degree is not in English or creative writing. Can I still be accepted into the program?

Yes. Many of our best students have undergraduate degrees in areas outside of English and creative writing.

What if I can’t get any recommendation letters from previous teachers?

While we prefer that your letters come from current or former teachers, if that is not possible, your letters should come from individuals who can speak on your behalf as a writer, a student, or an employee.

I am applying to your program from another graduate program. Will my credits transfer into your program?

We can accept up to nine (9) credit hours of work from outside of our program. Whether or not we do accept those credit hours depends on what institution the credits are coming from, what classes they are, and what classes they would be replacing in our program.

How long does it take to complete your program?

It is a two-year degree for full time students, though some of our students will complete it in two and a half or three years. The time is takes to complete the program depends on how many classes a student takes in a given semester. Full time is 9 credit hours (3 classes) each fall and spring semester.

Can I be a part time student? Do I have to declare that on my application?

You can be a part time student. While we do ask you to state what status you intend on being at the time of your application, the number of credits you take per semester is entirely up to you. All of our courses are three credit hours each, and a nine credit hour semester is considered full time. A student taking six credit hours or three credit hours per semester is considered part time.

What sort of assistantship options do you have? How do I apply for an assistantship

Our funding options are limited to several assistantships that we offer to several first year students each fall semester. These assistantships are for the fall and spring semesters, and they include a full tuition waiver, and a stipend of $10,000 per academic year for two years. In return, the student must be a full time student (nine credit hours) and work as a Graduate Assistant twenty hours a week for a specific English department course. The UCF College of Graduate Studies lists additional funding opportunities here.

I write fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. Do I have to choose only one for my writing sample in my application portfolio?

Your portfolio must be in English. Your writing sample should fall into one of those three categories (fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction; we also accept applications in hybrid and experimental forms), and your portfolio should consist of your very best work, no matter how specific of a genre, or genres, it may be.

This is not to say that you will not work in other genres if you are admitted to the program. Many of our students eventually work in multiple genres. However, the portfolio for your application needs to consist entirely of either fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry.