Welcome to Issue 19, “What We Care About”

Imprint’s mission is to inform, empower, and entertain UCF students in order to leave a lasting impression on the Central Florida community. With the events of the last year greatly impacting all of us, students continued to charge on toward their futures while adapting to new circumstances.

While creating Issue 19, we decided to focus on Imprint’s goal of empowerment. It is in uncertain circumstances that we discover what is most important to us, and we wanted to give UCF students the opportunity to speak out about what matters most to them. With this in mind, we came up with the theme of this edition: “What We Care About.”

Throughout our time as editors this semester, we noticed some central themes in what matters to the UCF community. Students highlighted the importance of the support systems they’d created with both their professors and their peers. In these uncertain times, people reached out in search of a sense of belonging, and they found it in the new communities that have cropped up within virtual environments.

We also saw students taking note of how they could change the greater UCF community for the better. In a world where the status quo has been turned on its head, there is room to question social norms and consider what could be improved. Our knights took care to look beneath the surface of society and discern what changes must be made to make the world a better place for all.

Creating this issue of Imprint has opened our eyes to the different perspectives UCF students carry with them. We feel grateful to have worked on this edition, and we hope you enjoy reading it.

Your Editors,

Jessica Welner and Lindsey Wright