Your Work Is Not Your Worth

Time is money. This is a common saying most of us have heard. On the surface, the phrase simply means your time has value. Looking deeper, the saying implies that your time could, and should, be spent making money. Otherwise, you’re losing out on potential earnings. But why should we prioritize money?

Your Best American Girl

I remember the moment I realized what it meant to feel black. It wasn’t when I first moved into the dorms in the crowded summer of ‘17 and was the only black person in my suite. It wasn’t when I started attending smaller classes and would be the one of the only black people in the room.

Managing Mentally

Trigger Warning. Mental health, as Gen-Z students we hear it all. We know we’re supposed to be taking care of ourselves, we know it’s ok to not be ok. But even though we know and may encourage our friends and loved ones to practice this, when’s the last time we actually lived that.

Listen, Learn, Act

We have failed at listening. We’ve failed at listening to victims of racism, to the racist utterances of our family members, to the hateful words and photos we see posted online. Though we may hear and read these things, we have failed to comprehend what they reveal about the people they come from.

SALT Outreach

After months of hosting this event, I discovered a local non-profit called SALT Outreach. SALT Outreach was one of the few non-profits that had continued its operations despite the hardships brought by the pandemic. After volunteering with them throughout the summer of 2020, I witnessed first-hand how impactful their work was.