About Imprint

Welcome to Imprint, a University of Central Florida student publication supported by the Department of Writing and Rhetoric. Created in the fall of 2011, Imprint’s purpose is to boldly inform, empower, and entertain UCF students in order to leave a lasting impression on the Central Florida community. We write to affect the future and aim to inspire action.

All articles that appear in this publication are written by UCF students. You do not need to be a part of the Department of Writing and Rhetoric to submit an article for Imprint. This is a publication written by students of all majors who are looking for an opportunity to voice their ideas and opinions about the community.  Come join our community! Be a part of something, and don’t forget to leave your imprint. We hope you enjoy the work of your fellow UCF Knights!

Interested in submitting an article for Imprint? Check out our submission guidelines!