Change Major: Request

– It was a long process for me to find exactly where I fit in at UCF. I tried out different majors and different student groups until I found what felt right for me. Luckily, I had professors and friends that were able to help me talk through my decisions and support me when I decided to take risks. Writing and Rhetoric being the perfect community for me has only been affirmed as time has passed.

Little Steps, Big World — An RA’s Perspective

Coming to a new home or a new school can be incredibly intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be scary or lonely. Being an RA has allowed me to meet other college students who might also be at UCF, have similar interests as me, and some who might even be in some of my classes. I never saw myself becoming a Resident Assistant, but I ended up finding a lot of cool people that are shaping my college experience.

The Importance of Teaching CRT

Knowledge is power and when we fail to recognize the existence of these inequities in the education system, we lack the competence to be able to adequately address existing issues, and the issues continue to persist. To eliminate inequity, we have to recognize America’s past regarding race, meaning we have to come to terms with it, including how it’s affecting our children today.