Submission Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in Imprint! We are a UCF student-run online magazine that is supported by the Department of Writing and Rhetoric. Our mission is to entertain, empower, and evoke action to leave a lasting impression on the UCF student population. We currently publish three issues per year at the conclusion of the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Our magazine contains articles written by students of all majors, cultures, and walks of life. 

For your article to be considered, you must be a current UCF undergraduate or graduate student, and your article must be written with a UCF audience in mind. Content should be applicable to the UCF community. At Imprint, we are passionate about creating a publication by Knights, for Knights!

We encourage potential writers to read the previous issue of Imprint to get a feel for the kinds of articles we’re looking for. The pieces in Imprint focus on events, people, and organizations at UCF or the greater Orlando Community.  This publication was created to give students an opportunity to write about people and things that have made a difference in their life. 

We are currently accepting queries for Issue 27 Fall 2023.

We ask that you query us before sending us a full draft.  Unsure how to write a query?  Here’s a link for examples.  Please submit your query with a working title in the subject line. Send queries to [email protected] by Thursday, October 12, 2023. If we like your idea, we will work with you to complete a draft. Imprint represents non-fiction, journalistic writing.  Save your creative writing for Cypress Dome of the Florida Review. 

Please avoid the following:

  • No swearing or explicit material. Imprint is meant to be inviting for all readers.
  • No “rant” articles. While Imprint does consider opinion and personal experience pieces, it is not a platform for political bashing, intolerance, or insults.
  • Articles must be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 1,500 words in length.
  • Articles must be written in a legible, 12-point font and double-spaced. If the editors cannot easily read your submission, it will not be considered for publication.
  • Articles must be submitted as a Word document – either .doc or .docx file extensions. If the editors cannot easily open your article to make revisions, it will not be read or considered for publication.

We can’t wait to read it!

For further information, contact Debbie Weaver, Editor-in-Chief at [email protected]