Meet The Staff

Emma is a senior English major in the Creative Writing track with a minor in Linguistics. If her free time isn’t spent writing poetry and nonfiction or reading, Emma can be found overanalyzing movies and musicals or creating playlists based on fictional characters. After graduation she hopes to intern at a publishing house. 

Anastasia is a senior pursuing her Bachelor’s in Writing and Rhetoric and Clinical Psychology with a certificate in Criminal Profiling. When Anastasia is not writing or reading, she loves to attend the theater, listen to music, and play sports. She plans to continue her education to earn an M.F.A.

Jarrett is a senior studying to earn his Bachelor’s in English Literature and a minor in Writing and Rhetoric. Aside from publishing and editing work, Jarrett is constantly engaging in the arts, from painting, performing, to writing songs, or poetry. He plans to continue his education to earn a M.A.