Study Sanctuaries

by Pamela Bianda


It’s crowded. You try to spot an empty seat while you wait in a line full of tired, impatient people. You manage to get to the front and you’re greeted with the usual, “What can get started for you today?” You place your order and wait, hoping one of the many Starbucks customers will get up and leave so you can have a seat. How this place has become synonymous with schoolwork, I will never know. There seems to be a growing belief among UCF students that the only “studious” places in the area are Starbucks, Panera Bread and the school library. Although these sometimes do the trick, Orlando is home to a myriad of diverse study settings, most of which have been left undiscovered by the UCF population. The following is a comparable list of possible places for an exciting, new and most importantly successful study day.


Downtown Credo: If you fancy bright locations with plenty of energy to do schoolwork, Credo is the place for you.  Quirky decorations line the walls of this off-beat coffee shop. And with two large windows in the front of the building, there’s never a shortage of light. Both the staff and patrons help maintain the positive atmosphere that Credo offers.  On any given day, you’re likely to see a hodgepodge of different coffee enthusiasts congregating here. Businessmen, cyclists, students, writers, scientists and artists are among the regular crowd here. With plentiful seating and tables, this location is ideal for group projects, or singular study sessions. Incredibly, Credo runs solely on donations. The not-for-profit company has a passion for helping the community and truly values your experience with them. Working with fair trade coffee growers in South America, this coffee shop prides itself on supporting the prosperity of all those it comes in contact with. So, if you feel like making an impact in the world while getting ahead in school then this is your spot.




Vespr Coffee and Allures: Dark tones and dim lighting in this close-to-home coffee shop make for the perfect spot to concentrate. Just shy of its one and a half year anniversary, this innovative, all-organic store has gained quite a reputation among students. This shop’s intimate atmosphere simply beckons for schoolwork to be done there. The soothing music inside is the only decoration adorning the minimalist spot, allowing customers to be free of distractions. With the youthful demographic of both in the employees and guests, there is always someone there to bounce ideas off, study with or just take a break and talk to. You’ll be hard pressed to find this place empty, but with several tables and seating options there’s always a spot for you. Subtle scents of roasting coffee beans and exotic teas keep your senses alive and your brain working late into the evening. Of all the places listed, Vespr is open the longest, with operational hours fro 9am to 11pm),making it a convenient study location. Beware, you might just fall in love with this place.





The East End Market: For those seeking somewhere that isn’t specifically coffee oriented, the East End Market houses some of the area’s best artisan-made food from local vendors. The market’s outdoor patio and garden is a testament to the magic of a day spent enjoying the sun. I highly recommend those working time-consuming assignments and partner projects to take a trip to this unique location. With items such as French made cheeses, to hand crafted pear cider and even fresh seafood, the East End Market has something for everyone to enjoy. If you are not easily distracted, love good food and better drinks, then this might become your next favorite study spot. The vibrant clientele paired with passionate vendors make for an absolutely delightful experience.



Source: Livepretty      


Jay Blanchard Park: Looking for an incredible view with a side of peace and quiet? Though it’s a departure from the norm, Jay Blanchard is another perfect study location. This park is home to a variety of plants, scenic running trails and lovely bodies of water. Its gorgeous trees create shady nooks perfect for tearing through those textbooks. Although a park isn’t ideal for those doing online schoolwork, it is great for brainstorming, reading, studying, writing and completing palpable assignments. The sheer size of this outdoor retreat means you will never have to worry about finding a seat. Distractions here are minimal. Additionally, if you need a refreshing study break, you’re in luck. The YMCA building on site houses both air conditioning and a Tropical Smoothie Café. Bring some snacks, your books and a blanket and let Mother Nature inspire you.



Source: OrlandoWeekly

In my pursuit of ideal study spots, I am lucky to say that I have come across some incredible little finds. Central Florida’s collection of student-friendly locations is larger than many believe. These four merely scratch the surface. From quiet, outdoor locations to bustling market settings, there is a space catering to your unique studying preferences. The next time you find yourself considering a trip to the local Starbucks for a venti coffee and some wasted time, perhaps you will consider some of the other options Orlando has to offer.