How to Manscape Like a Man

by Amanda Guitian


Does your milkshake bring all the girls to the yard? If you’re not properly groomed, probably not.


Manscaping isn’t just for the cast of the “Jersey Shore,” every guy should do a little grooming- women appreciate it (believe me). I’ve complied a list of the things that most bother college women and gave you a few short tips on how to fix each.




Ever look in the mirror and notice a jungle of hair growing between your eyebrows? Women notice too, and it’s not a good thing. Think of uni-brows as women repellent. It’s completely acceptable (and highly encouraged) for guys to pick up tweezers and make one eyebrow into two. It’s quick, simple and the ladies will love it. Caution: Grooming is important, but if your eyebrows are more tweezed than mine, we have a problem.


Facial Hair


Sure, Gerard Butler rocked a beard in the movie “300” and it looked hot! But that’s an exemption- most women prefer their men clean-shaven or with a little scruff. This topic is one that rides on the opinion of your girl. However gentlemen, you do need to know how much facial hair is too much.


If your girl complains about her face burning after a make-out session, it’s probably time to trim the beard. In other words, don’t take any pointers from Zach Galifianakis. A nice clean shave once or twice a week will keep you well groomed and sexy.


If you’re going for that “five-o-clock shadow” look, use caution. The rugged look is hot, but can easily make you appear sloppy if you let your facial hair grow out too much.


Back and Chest


Werewolves are only hot in the “Twilight” series. In the real world, too much back and chest hair is a huge turn off. Scared of waxing? It’s easy to take your electric razor and shave your back and chest (if you don’t want to shave the hair off completely, try taking scissors and trimming it).


Women appreciate a smooth chest and hairless back. Samantha Reeder, a senior at UCF, claims, “Smooth chests are manly and make a guy look sexy. It shows off his pecs and I swear somehow his abs look more defined too.”




While this may not seem like a big issue to you guys, it is for most women. “My biggest pet peeve? Dirty fingernails. A guy can be a perfect ten and I won’t be attracted to him because there’s so much dirt under his nails. It’s disgusting,” says Nikki Peterson, a junior at UCF. Dirty nails are a turn off for women because it shows that you have less-than-hygienic habits. Wash your hands regularly and this problem should take care of itself. But dirty fingernails aren’t the only issue under this category.


If it’s one thing that women prefer to be small on a guy, it’s his nails. Finger (and toe) nails that are too long are disgusting and down right creepy. We don’t care that you play the guitar- cut your nails and use a pick instead! Guys, please cut your nails when you notice them getting lengthy.


Body Odor


Even I will admit that boys are better than girls- at sweating! So shower at least once daily to remove the grime and sweat off your body after a long day or even an hour at the gym. I know I said uni-brows are a turn off, but body odor is even worse! “I like a man that smells nice. Cologne is probably the sexiest thing a guy can wear,” says Carla Altieri, senior at UCF. And most women feel the same way. Shower daily and start wearing good cologne and I promise women will start noticing you.


It’s no secret that men expect women to look a certain way. Now you know that we expect the same from you. Follow these simple grooming guidelines and you’ll be a chick magnet in no time!