A Note From the Editors

by Sydney Hansen

The University of Central Florida is the second biggest college in the nation. With just over 70,000 students, 200 plus programs of study, and 1,420 square miles of campus to travel, attending UCF can be overwhelming, or should we say eye-opening?

For the 25th issue of Imprint, we sought out stories from writers who had an experience in college that shifted a value, belief, or perspective that they once held. Imprint Magazine seeks to “Evoke, Empower, and Entertain” its readers. Given the size of UCF, this campus provides a unique opportunity for its patrons. The opportunity to hear the stories from people from all walks of life  -all in one place. Issue 25 focuses on the “evoke” aspect of our mission. We wanted to share stories that are going to illuminate readers on subjects that inspire self-reflection and growth.

College is not only a place to provide an academic education to students within the confines of their major, but also a place, where for the first time, students are exposed to aspects of the world they didn’t even know existed. With Issue 25, we wanted to highlight those experiences. Whether it was a person they met that changed the way they think about the world, a class, or professor that made them think differently about a certain topic, or just a simple experience that opened their eyes to something new, we wanted to share it.

As you read through issue 25, know that you will be exposed to people of different backgrounds, political ideologies, religious beliefs, and much more, just as you would when you attend UCF. We asked our writers to explore how their values have changed since attending college. Who or what provoked the shift in their value, belief, or perspective? And what did they gain from that experience?

“Each person does see the world in a different way. There is not a single, unifying, objective truth. We’re all limited by our perspective.”- Siri Hustvedt

On the surface, it may seem like this collection of stories has nothing in common, randomly selected from groups of students who have no underlying theme or topic, it may seem, to put it simply, all over the place. But just as we asked our writers, we ask you, the reader, to shift your perspective and look from a different angle.

Issue 25 as a whole, reflects what it’s like to walk through the 1,420 square miles of UCF itself. It will transport you to a world that tackles gun violence and mental health, but also a children’s literacy center and summer camp for children with illnesses. It will make you reminisce about your childhood and contemplate your future. It will give you advice, life lessons, and maybe even a good laugh. But most importantly, Issue 25 will provide you with insight into just a fraction of the campus you are a part of and the people in it.